Sue, Louie and Tony have been out and about town, telling the community about Connections.

A part of this effort is to advertise our name change, so that folks who know about us hear that we have a new name. Part of the visits are to educate people who do not know about us as to what is is we offer at Connections. Finally, we are sharing Louie’s story as the idea of a courthouse dog is new to our area.

If you have a group that would like to hear what we have to share, please contact us at Or message us through Facebook (although we are still changing over our Facebook page so you will find us at Children’s Advocacy Center of Grays Harbor)

We’re hiring!

January 16, 2018






Visitation Supervisor




$11.50 per hour. Position is up to full time, dependent on caseload. Health insurance is offered and dental is available. Retirement match contribution is offered after 1 year of full time employment. Position is open until filled.


General Duties:


Supervise visitation between foster children and their biological families.


Specific Duties:


  • Be familiar with and adhere to all established policies and procedures of Connections.
  • Attend trainings as required.
  • Follow case plan as outlined in client’s file.
  • Provide written report to social worker within five days of visit.
  • Ensure the children’s safety at all times.
  • Attend court proceedings as required.
  • Transport children to and from visits.
  • Other duties as assigned.


Knowledge and skills:


  • Requires flexible work hours and days of work
  • Must independently manage time
  • Must have the desire and ability to spend time with families who may be involved in the CPS system.
  • Must be able to generate a written report quickly and accurately




  • Valid Washington State Driver’s License.
  • Ability to generate a professional written report.
  • Clear criminal history.
  • At least 21 years old.
  • May be required to submit to pre-employment or random drug testing
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office suite


Connections is a wellness centered organization as we encourage health and wellness in our employees.

























Connections   514 E. Broadway Ave. Montesano, WA 98563      360-249-0005


“Making a difference, one child at a time”

Connections is a United Way agency


Did you notice???

Do you see the little box in the upper right hand corner of each page on this site? That is an emergency “redirect” button. We suspect that some folks who seek out our webpage may not be in a safe environment. So if you need to be able to get out of our page and to a neutral site quickly? Just use the redirect button. Put the pointer on it to get a drop down and click on the redirect ON THE DROPDOWN to leave us in a hurry.

An Attaboy to the Cheney Foundation!

We are in the beginning stages of a pretty important project. I’ll describe it in a minute but first, a shout out to the Ben. B. Cheney Foundation! They recently provided a generous check as seed money for our R-Cubed Project. We appreciate their support and trust in our organization and our communities. We are pleased to have them as a partner in our mission.

The R-Cubed Project stands for Repair, Replace or Renew. There are a couple of major elements to the project and a list of minor parts. At the top of the list is a new furnace. Ours is on its last legs and the techs tell us there are no parts available! So we want to replace that with an energy efficient model and do it soon! Can’t have kids or staff here if there is no heat. On the other end of the temperature scale is the air conditioning. We have had to cancel visits because the rooms were too hot, and it is scary to have fans running around small children.

The tail end of the project is to replace the wood chips in the playground area as they have packed down and aren’t as soft as they might be! In the middle are repairs to the modular office building and improving our safety and security through several smaller projects. One other important element is adapting the window coverings and furniture in the interview room to accommodate our new cameras and to allow Louie in the room without interfering with the cameras.


We have sent out a number of requests for help and written some grants…but we are open to donations from anyone who would like to be a part of this project!

Pair of Hearts Sponsorships — Event date 2/10/2018

It’s a sad fact in our society that some kids are abused or neglected. The real question is: “What happens next?” How will we take care of our kids here on the Harbor?  Connections is beginning preparations for our annual event, the Pair of Hearts Ball. This is one of our primary funding events and we are working hard to ensure its success!

As you hopefully know, Connections operates several programs to benefit the children and families of Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties. We have renamed our Justice program as the Children’s Advocacy Center in order to keep that name under our umbrella of services. They provide forensic interviews for child victims of violent crime and sexual abuse, as well as a Multi-Disciplinary Team for case management for investigation of these crimes. Another program, Parent Child Visitation, allows for supervised visits for foster children and their biological families. Our Parent Education Program brings parenting skills to families at risk. A pilot project under Parent Education works with parents of kids who have experienced trauma and struggle to bond or attach with family members. The Parent Child Assistance Program is a case management model helping prevent future birth of drug affected children while helping struggling families find successful futures.

We are seeking sponsors for our February 10, 2018 event. We are asking individuals and businesses to step up to help us make certain our services are available when they are needed. The need for what we do knows no income level, no education level, no religion, race or neighborhood boundaries. The only common denominator is that there is a child or children who need desperately for their communities to have their backs. Our communities do care and so we are asking you to become a partner with Connections in our mission:

“Cultivating healthy families, safeguarding children, and connecting the community to services.”

We have several options available for becoming a sponsor. You can find them below, along with the benefits that go with each level. Thank you for considering becoming a partner in our event!

GOLD $1000 and up

  • Prominent recognition in public promotion of event (radio, website, Facebook)
  • Full page ad in event program
  • Prominent recognition the night of the event
  • 8 tickets to the event, reserved table with signage
  • Red and white wine, souvenir wine glasses, chocolates at table, gift box at each seat


  • Recognition on website, Facebook
  • Half page ad in event program
  • 8 tickets to the event, reserved table with signage
  • White and red wine


  • Recognition on website, Facebook
  • Recognition in event program

TABLE $320

  • 8 tickets to event, reserved table with signage

Thank you Sierra Pacific Foundation!

All donations are great. As a nonprofit, we cannot argue that statement one bit. But…there is an added bonus when you get an individual or group who step up year after year to help pay for what you do. Certainly it helps keep the lights on and the place running. But it also tells the staff that people notice the work they do, give it value, and think they do it well! It helps them get up in the morning and helps them when they are facing emotionally difficult work.

Thank you, Sierra Pacific for being one of those supporters. Your generosity is truly appreciated by the Board and staff at Connections, and through us, the communities we serve.


We’re hiring!

Parent Child Assistance Program (PCAP) is hiring!

Connections is hiring an Advocate for the Parent Child Assistance Program. The PCAP program is a research project through the University of Washington. The Advocates provide support to Drug addicted mothers with the intent of preventing future children born with the effects of drug use. Must submit to a criminal Background check, Valid Driver’s license, Familiarity and comfort with newborn babies, and a Bachelor’s degree in a social work related field. Must be at least 21 years of age. In this job lived experience is seen as an attribute. Prefer: Case Management and Chemical Dependency experience. Skills and training in child development. Position is up to full time, dependent on case load. Salary begins at $15.00 an hour. Health insurance is offered and dental is available. Retirement is offered after 1 year of full time employment. Connections is a wellness centered organization and we encourage health and wellness in our employees. Position is open until filled with the ideal candidate.
514 E Broadway Ave
Montesano, WA 98563-3815

A new supporter

Thank you to Cosmopolis Lion’s Club as they become the newest member of Louie’s Posse…helping to ensure we can provide Louie’s services in the community.

Cost for Louie’s immediate care must be borne by the agency as a part of our agreement in accepting him from Canine Companions for Independence You have to commit to his care and funding for that from the start. Then they generously provide the dog free of charge. (And we owe them a huge thank you for that!)

However, for associated costs we can accept help. Each minute Louie is working, we have the cost of a handler to be with him. Every vet visit, a handler goes with him. He is talented…but he cannot drive. So we created Louie’s Posse to celebrate those groups or individuals who step up to help cover these costs.

Sue and I visited a Cosmopolis Lion’s Club meeting to share about Connections and Louie. We thank them for their warm welcome and for allowing us to come talk. Then we were pleasantly surprised to receive a check in the mail soon thereafter!

Every child needs a champion, and at Connections, we have a building full of them, right down to the dog in the corner.


It seems so easy to fall into the trap of writing about activities or stories that are negative. Today I want to focus on the positive! This is a blog that is from me, my own opinion.

I believe we have a great team at Connections and they do great work. Whether a Parent Ed class, a supervised visit, a PCAP advocate in the field with a client or a forensic interview, they can always be counted on to be professional, resourceful and caring. Their work is important to them and they work hard to provide quality care for their clients. I am proud to be associated with such a group.

A Center for Healthy Families is more than a tagline to Connections staff. Each staff member understands how what they do is directly beneficial to a family or family member. In some cases, the work is seen as family preservation work as they help a family cope or heal with the goal of staying together. At times it ends up being more like helping a family deal with separation. And, yes, at times the end result is a child or children being removed from an abusive situation…an unhealthy family home. The pieces of this work remain the same. Treat people with dignity, kindness and respect. Ensure the safety of the children. Teach, model or suggest pathways towards good outcomes. Serve the community’s needs.

Snippets of stories from staff help create that vision of moving towards positive results. We have our Parent Education therapists who talk about the hunger for learning in their classes and how hard the parents work to create the healthy family they desire. Our PCAP advocates relate stories of how some case management helps a young mother get into school and receive additional help towards a better life. Sometimes it’s a visual, such as watching a little one’s eyes light up when they see Mom or Dad there for a supervised visit and watch them run into their arms. And it can be finding a positive within a tragedy as a victim of abuse finds the courage to tell their story and escape the abuse.

Connections is an agency our community should be proud of…a place where we can all say, “THIS is how we take care of our kids and our families.” Because these are our kids, if only because they are in our community, and if only because we should all take care of whatever kids are within our community. And these are our families, if only because they are our neighbors, coworkers, or attend our church or their kids go to the same schools as our own. It is together that we build a place where we want to live, pulling together to help each other. Together we cultivate healthy families and safeguard the children.

Thank you for your support!