About Us

Connections was established in 1999 as the Children’s Advocacy Center but changed our name in 2017 to better represent what we do and where we serve. We began with the single-minded goal of assisting child victims of abuse or neglect. While this work is still a cornerstone of what we do, we have grown to include other programs that go beyond that work. Our broader goals now encompass efforts to ensure both children and their families can thrive as safe, secure and healthy. We have five programs currently operating at Connections:


  • Our Children’s Advocacy Center continues to provide justice services to all of Grays Harbor County. The concept is to care for the child victim in the most caring way possible, avoiding additional trauma as the case is investigated. Forensic interviews are done in a non-threatening environment, well documented and recorded to eliminate the need for a child to endure repeated questioning. All necessary parties to the investigation are included in the process. Care is taken to support non-offending family members and to ensure the best possible outcome for those families. Equal care is taken to assist prosecutors and law enforcement in facilitating potential prosecution.
  • Supervised Family Visitation allows us to facilitate visitation between parents, children, siblings and extended family. We provide a safe environment, court appropriate documentation and transportation for children to and from visit locations. This work allows children to maintain connections with the biological families, particularly while in the foster care system. We offer both private pay and State referred visitation services.
  • Parenting Education at the Connections is based on a nationally recognized curriculum, proven effective through research. We offer both one on one and group based parenting instruction, tailored to meet the family’s need. We can provide assistance and education to parents in their home or wherever they may need to meet, including shelters or treatment facilities.
  • The Parent Child Assistance Program is an evidence based home visitation case management model for mothers who have abused drugs or alcohol during pregnancy. Our goals are to help mothers build healthy lives and prevent future births of children exposed prenatally to alcohol or drugs.


Beyond the direct services we deliver, there is an over-arching result that comes from the collective work of Connections. That result is elements of family preservation and abuse prevention. Each program touches on these two desired outcomes in some way.


Most services, excluding the Children’s Advocacy Center, serve all of Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties.